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Nom Altitude Massif Détails
Col de la Llose 1861 m Pyrénées est
Jujols 954 m Pyrénées est
Col Sainte Marguerite 606 m Pyrénées est
Prieuré de Serrabone 595 m Pyrénées est
Força Réal 507 m Corbières

12:00:00Col de la Llose depuis Olette (via Ayguatebia) (1861m)

A long climb, but nothing steep. The scenery is stunning, the road surface is good (apart from loose gravel on some parts) and, in the entire ride from the turn-off in Olette to the summit and back again, I doubt if I saw as many as ten cars. Highly recommended.

15:00:00Col de la Llose depuis La Llagonne (1861m)

Short and sweet. No comparison to the climb on the other side (from Olette). Still, nice to tick another climb off.

00:00:00Jujols depuis Olette (954m)

Very even climb, as the profile shows. Pretty 11thC church and the superb views of the Canigou make it well worth it.

00:00:00Col Sainte Marguerite depuis Saint Michel de Llotes (606m)

Very even climb, as the profile shows. Decent road surface on the ascent, not so good on the Le Minestrol side (towards Bouleternere). No motor traffic to speak of, which always helps.

00:00:00Prieuré de Serrabone depuis D618 (595m)

Pretty easy short climb up to the Priory. I've only ever done it immediately after climbing the Col Sainte Marguerite, which is similar but half as long again.

00:00:00Força Réal depuis Millas (507m)

Last kilometre is tough after the long but fairly gentle ascent from Millas. A nice feeling to come over the last bit of the hill into the car park. Well worth it for the views in all directions.